Jim Ball’s recommended reading list

These are the books often referred to on air




The Dawning of a New Dark Age

Mark Alexander  

1st Books Library




Introduction: Wake up West




Still Not Sorry

Andrew Bolt

Herald Sun








The Culture Cult


Roger Sandall,

 Westview Press 








Malice in Media Land

Professor David Flint.

Freedom Publishing Co.






The White Australia Policy

by Keith Windschuttle

Publisher: Macleay Press

PO Box 477 Paddington NSW 2021







Mosques and Miracles

Stuart Robinson

Publisher: CityHarvest Publications







The Closed Circle (An Interpretation of the Arabs)

David Pryce-Jones 

Publisher:  Ivan R. Dee 



Back cover of the book…What this book is about

Reviews by readers





Unholy Alliance

David Horowitz

Regnery Publishing



Unholy Alliance: How the Left Supports the Terrorists at Home

(This is an overview article by the author about the Unholy Alliance)





BIN LADEN - The Man Who Declared War on America

Yossef Bodansky

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

Publisher Comments and Further Reviews







Death of Truth

Dennis McCallum

Bethany House










Now online







Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Star Parker

WND Books








The Trouble with Islam

Irshad Manji

Publisher: Random House


New York Times


Washington Times




Arafat’s War

Ephraim Karsh

Publisher: Grove Press








To Protect and to Serve

Tim Priest & Richard Basham  

New Holland Publishers







Islam Unveiled

Robert Spencer

Publisher: Encounter Books







The Electronic Whorehouse

Paul Sheehan

Publisher : Pan Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd

ISBN : 1405035781

Max Suich’s review in the SMH  November 8, 2003





The Twilight of the Elites

Prof David Flint  -

Freedom Publishing should be available through all bookstores-

but if not definitely through newsweekly.com.au                                 





Onward Muslim Soldiers

Robert Spencer

Regnery Publishing







The Fifteen Century War

Morgan Norval

McKenna Publishing Group








The People Smugglers

 Greg Clancy

 Sunda Publications








Guilt, Blame and Politics

Allan Levite

Stanyan Press






 Why I’m not a Muslim

Ibn Warraq

Prometheus books

(An excellent read by an ex Muslim who has been featured twice on Radio National’s religion report)





The Death of the West

Patrick J. Buchanan

St Martin’s Press








The Long March

(How the cultural revolution of the 1960’s changed America)

Rodger Kimball

Encounter books






The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975

Mark Lopez

Melbourne University press







Dictatorship of Virtue: How to Battle over Multiculturalism Is Reshaping Our Schools, Our Country, and Our LivesDictatorship of Virtue-

How the battle over multiculturalism is reshaping our schools, our country, our lives

Richard Bernstein-

Vintage press







Bernard Goldberg

Regnery Publishing

(a CBS insider exposes how the media distorts the news)






The Sword of the Prophet-

Islam …History, Theology, Impact on the World

Serge Trifkovic

Regina Orthodox Press






Among the Barbarians-

Paul Sheehan  -

Random House








A couple of books regarding voter fraud and corrupt elections in Australia:


                             The Frauding of Votes-

                              Dr Amy McGrath

                              Distributor: Tower Books or through the H.S. Chapman Society



                             Corrupt Elections… Ballot rigging in Australia

                             Edited by Charles Copeman and Dr Amy McGrath

                             Tower House Publications

                             Distributed by Tower books.



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