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The Death of Freedom of Speech


Is this what they mean by "Muslim tolerance'?

(17Sept 06) “…Listen to this: "Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate." Or then again, this: "Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends." Then there is the instruction to fight against those who are not of the true faith "until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued"….All are direct quotations from the Koran, which Muslims believe to be the absolute word of Allah, and which cannot be altered. If you seek even more ferocious attacks on Christianity and Judaism, you will find them in the Hadith, Islam's other great book of scripture. Week after week in those lands where Muslims rule and Christians are a minority, the message pours out from the mosques: "God did not have a son." Is this what they mean by "Muslim tolerance'? By Peter Hitchens, The Mail on Sunday “…For years Liberals in the West have spread the myth of "Muslim tolerance". It does not exist and never did. Where Islam rules, other faiths must cringe in humiliated subjection. These are facts. Is it not astonishing that this militant, angry religion, whose name means not "Peace", but "Submission", whose whole existence is based on the denial and rejection of its rivals, dares to get into a self-righteous rage over an obscure quotation in a dull academic lecture by the head of the Roman Catholic Church? In Islam it is still the year 1427. They have had no reformation…If we bow to this manufactured, hypocritical fury, then we will already have lost one of the most important battles to face us. Back the Pope…”

Popes comments on Islamic violence may lead to Islamic violence

(16Sept 06) “…Since his (the Popes) comments, the issue has escalated, in a manner similar to the escalation of the furor over the Danish cartoons . Even though the Pope's comments were extracted out of context, it could well be that the issue will, like the cartoons, provoke violence from Muslims, and thereby prove the validity of Manuel Paleologos II's analysis of Islam. Muslims themselves will not appreciate any irony in using violence to prove that Islam is nonviolent….Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the speech and has said that Islam was a religion of "peace and reason", which does not explain why Qaradawi supports the killing of Israeli civilians by suicide bombers….” Popes comments on Islamic violence may lead to Islamic violence “…One comment the Pope had made in his speech, which came from himself and not from the 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel Paleologos II was this: "Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul." This comment is probably far more challenging to Islam than Paleologos' simple truthful statement. The fact that Mohammed went to war against unbelievers is something Muslims at one hand seem proud of, even though on the other hand they lie that that Islam means "peace", when it literally means "submission.” To say: "Violence is incompatible with the nature of God" indicates that Mohammed, the high priest of violent jihad, was not "of God", which any sane analyst outside of Islam would have to admit was true. Since when did men of God kill civilians , indulge in genocide (against the Banu Qurayzah tribe in Medina ) and have sex with nine year old girls ? This issue will run and run, I fear, and it will end in bloodshed of innocents. Such is always the way of Islam when it feels "offended". The cartoon protests in February, when at least 30 people died, are proof of that….”

Oh my God!! A Bible

(18 May06) “…Which two of the following three things are so obviously dangerous that they've just been banned? And which one was this week declared safe for distribution?

Exhibit A: Free Bibles placed by Gideons International in the bedside cupboards of public hospitals.

Exhibit B: A jokey TV commercial in which Wogs Out of Work's George Kapiniaris complains about an Indian call centre.

Exhibit C: A book sold last year by Sydney's Islamic Bookshop that praises suicide bombing as "legitimate and praiseworthy" and says it's best to "wire up one's body, or a vehicle or a suitcase with explosives, and then to enter among a conglomeration of the enemy and to detonate"…. Yes, it's the Bibles and the Indian joke that have been banned for the immense harm they might do.

And it's the jihad book, Defence of the Muslim Lands, that the Australian Federal Police and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions this week said could be sold without fear of prosecution for inciting violence… Oh my God!! A Bible by Andrew Bolt

Herald Sun “…Imagine the trauma one of our ethnic friends might feel if he or she opened the drawer and found . . . OH MY DIFFERENT GOD, a Bible.

Professional pain-avoiders have averted this catastrophe by removing every single Bible from the bedsides of leading public hospitals in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland…It seems the real racists -- the real troublemakers -- are the multiculturalists who assume Muslims are so intolerant they can't safely be shown a Bible, or denied their own books that preach such violence.

And once more we should heed the warning -- especially in Victoria , where we prosecute two Christian pastors who warn against jihad but tolerate the most radical imams who preach it…”

Signed copies of Andrew's book Still not Sorry can be ordered on 9292 1234

Islamic Law at Belmont U

(25April06) “…Who would have thought that Belmont University of Nashville, Tennessee, would apply the Islamic law to its staff? But just that happened earlier this month….Bill Hobbs, a Republican political advisor, blogger, and news writer for Belmont, which bills itself as "the largest Christian university in Tennessee," was upset in February 2006 about the cowardice of the American media in not publishing the Danish cartoons. So he drew a primitive cartoon of his own and posted it on his personal site…” Islamic Law at Belmont U by Daniel Pipes “…It sat in obscurity until April 5, when a Democratic political operative, Mike Kopp, wrote about it, calling it a bizzare page with the heading Draw Mohammed that spotlights a stick drawing of the Prophet Mohammed holding a bomb. The cartoon is entitled "Mohammend Blows." Under the cartoon Hobbs issues an invite to "exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed". He ends the post with the phrase "Here's my first mo-toon." All this was posted at 12:40 pm, on Friday, February 24, 2006…”

Freedom of speech prevails

(4April06) CAIR (Council on American and Islamic relations) is one of the peak Muslim organisations in the United States and breaks bread at the highest levels of government. That is what makes this case all the more interesting and frightening.

“…Andy Whitehead and ACAIR (Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations) have something to celebrate: CAIR  has dropped its $1.35 million lawsuit against him….It also provides interest for any cases that CAIR may have brought up against other Americans in their quest to intimidate their critics. (think the two Dannys) CAIR's intimidation through lawsuits has always been its line of defense against critics..” Freedom of speech prevails “..ACAIR reminds our readers that CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries." "Why oppose CAIR? CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic terrorists. CAIR is not in the United States to promote the civil rights of Muslims. CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran ..”

For original case against ACAIR by CAIR click Muslim group sues critic for $1.35 million- Website calls CAIR terrorist-backer seeking Islamist regime in U.S .

also see CAIR founded by Islamic Terrorists by Daniel Pipes

Oh my God, they killed satire

(28Mar06) “…We have a new cartoon-blasphemy scandal. No, it's not Islamists burning down Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in Pakistan because a few Danish cartoonists had the gall to draw the prophet Mohammed. Now it's Scientology versus the popular and hilarious cartoon television program South Park . And the Scientologists, like the Islamists before them, are winning…. News reports say that Viacom, the company that owns the Comedy Central cable channel, made the decision. Viacom also owns Paramount movie studios, which has spent a small fortune on Mission : Impossible III starring Cruise, a Scientologist. He denies any connection. Viacom refuses to say why it hasn't put the episode back on the air. South Park fans have started a petition. And so we are back where we were with the Mohammed cartoons. Someone somewhere won't let you see the Scientology episode of South Park . You can go to the Comedy Central website and view it on the internet - the last refuge for free speech..” Oh my God, they killed satire by Andrew Sullivan in The Australian “…A free society survives partly because the powerful are mocked, and their pretensions undermined. Religions, which guard their own illusions carefully, are particularly ripe for satire. Whenever one human being is claiming to tell the truth about the meaning of life he is making a very powerful claim - and, in a free society he also runs the risk of getting a raspberry. Laughter matters because piety begets power. Orwell once remarked that one reason fascism never took off in Britain was because the sight of a goose-stepping soldier would prompt your average Englishman to giggle. Someone is now silencing the giggles. And our world is a lot creepier because of it.

The Market Place of Ideas: fusing history, law and current events

(20Mar06) “'The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.' [1] So propounded Justice Holmes in 1919…. Over the years, this marketplace of freedom has given no quarter; nothing has escaped examination. Whether Christian, Jew, agnostic, militarist, communist, capitalist, bigamist, entrepreneur or pacifist; all and much more have been the target of opposing speech and passionate intellectual scrutiny…” The Market Place of Ideas: fusing history, law and current events by David Kennedy Houck “…The western media as a whole has largely retreated from protecting free speech, and has instead decided to cave-in into Islamist totalitarianism. Equally unfortunate, most Americans have not seen the Danish cartoons, despite the fact that they represent a major international story. Rather than display the mostly innocuous drawings, most American media outlets fell all over each other seeking that elusive moral high ground where disparaging Christianity is safe and easy, and protecting Muslims from insult is the only sensible tack….”

UK - Muslim Censorship at the Telegraph?

(14Mar06) "Is the Telegraph going the way of the BBC and censoring any report critical of Muslims or Islam? Looks that way. Earlier today I posted about a Telegraph article that showed Britain was headed towards a Muslim state within a state, being withdrawn and replaced with this warning: "This story has been removed for legal reasons". Now comes word that the Telegraph has dropped Mark Steyn's column. Steyn regularly writes articles critical of Muslims and Islam. So, why drop Steyn now? His latest article may give you a clue. Here's the title: "Media shockingly ignorant of Muslims among us".

Can the pace of converting Britain to an Islamic state happen any faster?
Apparently yes.

The UK Telegraph had an interesting article by Dr Patrick Sookhedo   The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state' which was originally published on February 19. For some mysterious reason, this article was recently withdrawn from its archives "for legal reasons."… Western Resistance is an American-registered site, and under terms of US copyright law, an article can be reproduced in its entirety, for the purpose of review . I can find nothing within this article which appears to be in any contradiction of British Law, so the question remains: What were the "legal reasons" for withdrawing the article? No-one is slandered, and the only reason that seems to spring to mind is more to do with Islamist threat. So in the name of "review", it is our public duty to reproduce this article in its entirety, as the unanswered questions concerning its withdrawal need to be examined. "

NSW votes for religious freedom

(5Mar06)“…A prominant Christian convicted of vilifying Muslims says the NSW Parliament has exposed a ‘bad law' by rejecting legislation to limit religious freedom….The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Tolerance) Bill was overwhelmingly defeated yesterday in the Legislative Council…Pastor Danny Nalliah of Victoria's Catch the Fire Ministries, who is appealing his vilification ruling in the Supreme Court, says the defeat of the bill will help church leaders fight to repeal Victoria's controversial Racial and Religious Tolerance Act..” NSW votes for religious freedom “..Mr Nalliah and fellow pastor Daniel Scot have refused to apologise to the Islamic Council of Victoria for comments made about Muslims, the Koran and Jihad at a church seminar in 2002… The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious tolerance) Bill was soundly defeated in the NSW Upper House by 23 to 5 votes….The bill was supported by just the three Greens Party members, Democrat Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, and Independent member, the Hon Peter Breen…”

The fascists of free speech

(2Mar06) “…A friend of mine took his young daughter to visit the famous City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, explaining to her that the place is important because years ago it sold books no other store would — even, perhaps especially, books whose ideas many people found offensive…..it did occur to him that perhaps the long-delayed English translation of Oriana Fallaci's new book, "The Force of Reason," might finally be available, and that because Fallaci's militant stance against Islamic militants offends so many people, a store committed to selling banned books would be the perfect place to buy it. So he asked a clerk if the new Fallaci book was in yet. "No," snapped the clerk. "We don't carry books by fascists."  The fascists of free speech By Catherine Seipp, Los Angeles Times “… It's particularly repugnant that someone who fought against actual fascism in World War II should be deemed a fascist by a snotty San Francisco clerk…Strangest of all is the scenario of such a person disliking an author for defending Western civilization against radical Islam — when one of the first things those poor, persecuted Islamists would do, if they ever (Allah forbid) came to power in the United States, is crush suspected homosexuals like him beneath walls….Yet those most oppressed by political Islam continue to defend it…”

Islamic Leaders Step Out From Behind the Curtain

(25Feb06) “…It should be obvious to even the most unobservant among us that the choreographed reaction to the Danish editorial cartoons has been a very methodical and well-thought-out plan by intellectual Islamic leaders… The world-wide “outrage” expressed by Muslims was not spontaneous…. As with any entity, there must be someone in charge.  There must be someone calling the shots and approving the plans.  The world now knows who a few of those people are… this Islamic government is not new.  In 2003, a group of 225 Islamist clerics, scholars, and businessmen, including Laban and Al-Qaradawi, met in Saudi Arabia to plan the future actions of Islam and to network the supporters of global jihad against the evil “crusading” West…”  Islamic Leaders Step Out From Behind the Curtain by Barbara J. Stock “…Islam needed direction and leadership and this group was there to provide just that… Certainly, not all the plans can be roadside bombs and stupid young men willing to blow themselves up.  Political plans must be made.  Changes in the West must come from within.  The world is now witness to some of those plans… So what has this foray into politics won for Islam?  It has gotten Islam plenty…. Australia has passed a law making it an offense to “blaspheme” Islam.  Any person convicted must pay a fine and apologize to Muslims everywhere.  Daniel Scot has already been arrested under the new law and is forcing what he considers to be a violation of his rights to the highest court in the land… The Islamic government's message was received loud and clear.  Do not speak badly about Islam.  Do not dare to tell the truth about Islam or it will send the expendable pawns out to riot and kill and burn ….” 

(19Feb06) What's wrong with this picture?

The Cartoon Jihad

(19Feb06) “…It is now abundantly clear that the recent murderous protests over cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in a Danish newspaper last September were anything but spontaneous. The actions of Islamist agitators and financiers have deliberately drummed up rage among far-flung extremists otherwise ignorant of the Danish press…As first reported by the Italian terrorism expert Lorenzo Vidino on the Counterterrorism Blog, one of Denmark's leading Islamists, Imam Ahmed Abu-Laban, led a delegation late last year to visit influential figures in the Muslim world…” The Cartoon Jihad by Olivier Guitta “…Even after the riots began, Abu-Laban continued his meddling. On February 4, he told Islamonline.net that Danish demonstrators were going to burn Korans in the streets of Copenhagen , a falsehood that nevertheless added fuel to the fire… Abu-Laban's extremist connections are well established. A Palestinian who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, he was expelled from the United Arab Emirates in 1984 for his fiery sermons and denunciations of local leaders…”

(15Feb06) Several short and punchy “cut and paste” observations on “Toongate”

Egyptian newspaper Al Fager

(12Feb06) Thank God for the Pajama Clad Revolutionaries, the universe of the Bloggers. Here's the proof that “Cartoongate” is a hypocritical beat up of criminal dimensions. This is the Egyptian newspaper Al Fager of October 17 th 2005 . As is pointed out this was in the holy month of Ramadan and there was not a single protest called in Cairo against either Denmark or the newspaper.  To further compound the hypocrisy check out The Free Copts  

Freedom of Speech

(11Feb06) We are for ever being told that we must understand. But that's the point. We DO understand. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Drawing a line under hypocrisy

(9Feb06) “….The arguments from Muslims - though not the fanatical,
violent manner of many of their protests - would no doubt be taken more seriously if they had also objected to the depiction on Syrian television of rabbis as cannibals…. Al Ahram, one of Egypt 's leading dailies, has published cartoons of Jews laughing while they drink blood. Drawing a line under hypocrisy by Tom Gross, The Jerusalem Post “….Some of the cartoons don't just resemble those published by the Nazis. They are literally copied from Nazi originals.
For instance, a cartoon from Arab News (an English-language Saudi daily regarded as one of the more moderate publications in the Arab world), depicts rats wearing Stars
of David and skullcaps….”

Danish Imams Busted

(8Feb06) This demonstrates the lie behind at least one of the 3 unpublished cartoons the Danish Imams hawked around the Middle East to stir up trouble. On top of the 7 years and extradition to the US from the UK for incitement etc, for Abu Hamza, surely the Danish Imams should face a similar charge and penalty in Denmark .   Danish Imams Busted

Preaching Hatred

(29Jan06) It would be interesting to know what the Islamic Council of Victoria, Judge Michael Higgins and VCAT make of Abu Hamza al-Masri's defence, in light of the flakey prosecution of the two Dannys. Will Hamza's defence feature as part of the appeal??

“…Abu Hamza al-Masri, the hook-handed former imam of the notorious Finsbury Park mosque -- spiritual home to "shoe bomber" Richard Reid and "20th hijacker" Zacarias Moussaoui -- is on trial this month at the Old Bailey. Charges include nine counts of soliciting to murder, four counts of stirring up racial hatred, and two counts of possession of material related to the other charges, including the 10-volume Encyclopedia of the Afghani Jihad…” Preaching Hatred by Diana West in The Washington Times “… For the prosecution, David Perry says: "This is nothing more or less than preaching hatred and murder," which, he makes clear, has nothing to do with Islam.
     For the defense , Edward Fitzgerald says: " It is said he was preaching murder. But he was actually preaching from the Koran itself." Well, which is it, gentlemen? He's preaching murder that has nothing to do with Islam; or he's preaching the Koran that has nothing to do with murder. For people trying to fend off jihad in their midst, the question becomes a distracting conundrum.

Islamic intimidation dashed in Demark

(13Jan06) “…Islamic fundamentalists have an arrogance that matches their intolerance for Western values. How else can one explain their efforts to limit free expression in countries that have graciously allowed Muslim immigrants the freedom to follow even the most radical movements within their faith…” Islamic intimidation dashed in Demark in the Las Vegas  Review Journal “..Last year, Jyllands-Posten , Denmark 's biggest daily newspaper, asked 40 artists to submit caricatures of the Islamic prophet Muhammad…. The newspaper wanted to find out whether the country's freedom of speech had been eroded by Islamic intimidation…. Because Islamic tradition prohibits any depiction of Muhammad -- even positive ones -- Muslims attacked the newspaper. They demanded an apology, then they demanded that the editors and artists be prosecuted..”

Star Chamber commission applies the law selectively against Christians in favour of Muslim bigots

(4Jan06)“…In ‘ Muslim bigots impose blasphemy laws on Victori a ' I argued that May Helou and Diane Sisely should be investigated for conspiring to destroy the reputations of two Christian pastors and of trying to intimidate critics of Islam… I deliberately flouted the state's anti-vilification law by insulting both the Koran and the Prophet, something the persecuted pastors certainly did not do… Mr Joe Cambria emailed my article to Dr Helen Szoke Chief Executive Officer of the Equal Opportunity Commission Victoria. Her reply was interesting in what it revealed about the Star Chamber proceedings of her Orwellian commission critics of Islam…. Szoke is trying to weasel around the fact that the vicious persecution of Pastor Danny Nalliah and Pastor Daniel Scot by the EOC and VCAT clearly demonstrate that these bodies are deeply prejudiced and even hostile to the principal of free speech…” Star Chamber commission applies the law selectively against Christians in favour of Muslim bigots by Gerard Jackson “...How can any honest person assert that these agencies are 'impartial' when they were complicit in a conspiracy to prosecute two pastors for accurately quoting from the Koran? Let me remind Szoke that it is indisputable that May Helou, a member of the EOC, incited fanatical Muslim converts to lodge baseless complaints against the pastors… think it's time these agencies were relabelled the Dhimmi Committees. Let us be absolutely clear on this. This disgusting gang willingly provided a Muslim bigot with the means to try and destroy two decent men on the grounds of their Christianity…. If this insufferable band of hypocrites has not got the guts to come after me then how in heavens name can they ever be allowed to sit in judgement on another human being?..”

Read the correspondence between Mr Cambria and Dr Helen Szoke .

More Weasel Words

(2Dec05) “…You'd think a sensible man would realise these laws, (religious vilification) introduced in 2001, should be scrapped, given the strife they've caused in what was a wonderfully tolerant state…Most notoriously, these laws caused two Christian pastors to be punished for, in large part, simply quoting the Koran to their followers in a way the judge found got "a response from the audience at various times in the form of laughter…" More Weasel Words by Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun  “…Let's go through the Government's (recent) proposals so you can see what it has in store for those who speak frankly….The Government's proposed change might save some defendants the cost of a full VCAT hearing, but the crank still gets two free whacks at you…As I said, Steve Bracks has broken his promise to make his laws less sinister. But worse, he has made it even more dangerous for us to speak our mind on some of the most pressing issues before us – religion and culture. How oppressive. How divisive. How deceitful…”

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill: A Milestone on Britain's Road to Dhimmitude

(29Oct05)“..Even before the Rushdie affair allowed Muslims in Britain to flex their muscles in open opposition to the law of the land, a Declaration issued by the Islamic Foundation in Leicester stated, urbi et orbi, that its goal is to change the existing British society into “an Islamic society based on the Qur'an and the Sunna and make Islam, which is a code for entire life, supreme and dominant, especially in the socio-political spheres..” The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill: A Milestone on Britain's Road to Dhimmitude by Srdja Trifkovic “…The British security services, exemplified by Sir Ian Blair, have followed their political masters into a state of denial regarding the Islamist threat. The courts, for their part, routinely interpret the criminal, asylum, and terrorism laws in the manner damaging to the security of the Realm and favorable to the Islamic underground..…If Racial and Religious Hatred Bill is passed, we will be a step closer to the fulfilment of T.S. Eliot's warning that the West would end, “not with a bang but a whimper.”

Banned in the UK

(29Oct05)The British libel laws are so destructive that they affect writers and publications who never set foot in Britain and never published there.. Banned in the UK by Rachel Ehrenfeld “..British libel laws are not the only tools that the Islamists use to silence their opponents. They exploit the laws that are designed to ensure freedom to subvert democracies throughout the world.  And what they cannot achieve by exploiting the laws, they often achieve through intimidation and invoking political correctness.

Catch the Fire Ministries launches Fighting Fund

(3Jul05) Pastors Danny Nalliah and Daniel Scot and Catch the Fire Ministries are appealing against the decision and 'remedy' handed down by Judge Higgins and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on 22 June 2005. Melbourne law firm Moores Legal is handling the appeal - they have assembled a team including two barristers (one a Senior Counsel) and lawyers to prepare and conduct the appeal.

A Fighting Fund has been launched to provide funds for the legal costs involved in this appeal.

Muslim books of hate sold

(24June05) What do the troublemakers at the Islamic Council of Victoria say about this??. More to the point what are they going to do about it??? Does it matter? And who would believe their sly, tricky and slippery statements anyway. And wise Judge Higgins of VCAT?? I wonder what he has to say about this Herald Sun story that's emerged  only 48 hours after his sentencing of the two Dannys.

“….LITERATURE filled with hatred of Christians, Jews and non-Muslims is being sold at a mosque near a Melbourne home raided by ASIO. Muslim books of hate sold Books sold at the store attached to the Brunswick mosque tell Muslims they should "hate and take as enemies" non-Muslims, reject Jews and Christians, and learn to hate in order to properly love Allah…..Readers are instructed by the books not to feel compassion for non-Muslims, not to trust them, and not to speak well of them..”

Christian Copts Cry for Justice Australian Copts Pray for a Peaceful Christmas

(28Dec04)In my recent editorial on my web page (Saturday December 18th) concerning the Judgment handed down by Judge Michael Higgins in The Daniel Scot, Danny Nalliah case before the VCAT, I suggested the judge may familiarize himself with the treatment of Copts in Egypt, for example this story Christian Copts Cry for Justice Australian Copts pray for a peaceful Christmas,  from www.copts.com

The Two Dannys Case: Implications immediate and longer term:

(19Dec04) It looks like it's back to the catacombs in ancient Rome! "...In the light of this decision, and the way in which the case began, we can well anticipate the advent of spies being sent to all Church seminars, teaching sessions,and even Sunday services to examine whether there is any vilification involved." writes Dr Francis Nigel Lee in The Two Dannys Case: Implications immediate and longer term: ".. to continue to preach and uphold truth, conservative churches .. may well have to go underground, meeting in homes and halls on a rotating basis.."

Jim Ball editorial

(18Dec04) Jim Ball editorial on the Daniel Scot, Danny Nalliah decision in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Is This the Death of Christianity in Australia?

(16Dec04) “….how does a secular judge with no expertise in religion make such decisions, when Islamic scholars themselves are divided on such crucial questions of theology, interpretation and exegesis?” asks Bill Muehlenberg in Is This the Death of Christianity in Australia? “ .....Much of what the Judge considered offensive was simply quotations from the Quran itself. To argue that quoting a religious book makes one guilty of vilification would put 98% of religious discussions out of bounds….”

Is it only Mr Bean who resists this new religious intolerance?

(16Dec04) “….If a law against religious hatred is passed, even when blessed by St David Blunkett, the natural consequence will be a rise in the hatred of religion…writes Charles Moore in “ Is it only Mr Bean who resists this new religious intolerance? .”….Iqbal Sacranie, of the mainstream Muslim Council of Britain, wants the new law because any "defamation of the character of the prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him)" is a "direct insult and abuse of the Muslim community". “… In effect, he is asking for the law of libel to be extended beyond the grave , giving religious belief a protection extended to no other creed or version of history….”

Spreading the Word of Intolerance

I often refer to the Wahabi wing or the Taliban of Australian politics.  Paul Sheehan's Spreading the Word of Intolerance (Sydney Morning Herald Oct 4,) gives you an indication as to what they have in mind given a Federal Labor Government. Before Saturday's election, it is important this is understood. With the Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate this law would be a fait acompli.

Below I have reposted Daniel Scott's story, originally posted in 2003.

Daniel Scot is a Pakistani Christian Pastor. His story in "Christian Pastors taken to Court to Silence Criticism of Islam" is a must read.
I know Pastor Scot personally and I have often mentioned his story on air. Essentially it is about the Islamic Council of Victoria taking Pastor Scot to the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission using the 2001 Victorian Racial and Religious Vilification Act against him. Mr Scot, with his encyclopaedic knowledge of Islam's History, it's teachings past and present, was lecturing at a Melbourne seminar for Christians.
There were 3 recent Islamic converts in the audience that took offence. One may well ask why they were there in the first place?
Pastor Scot has offered to apologize if it can be pointed out to him by The Islamic Council of Victoria where he was in fact in error in the information presented by him during that lecture. So far they have been unable to do that and have had to change the details of their original complaint after a careful reading of Mr Scot's written response.
The main question is, will the act work in reverse??? That is, if some Christian were to be sitting in a Mosque and took offence at what was said, would the force of the act apply????
Another question: Is the act being used as a "pseudo" blasphemy law as they have in places like Pakistan to try and shut down debate??
I think you will find this email from the Barnabas Fund that has been forwarded to me, an interesting read

Let us all pray

If you ever needed proof that the Victoria Equal Opportunity Commission was just another discrimination and victim-hood industry touting for business, this Andrew Bolt piece Let us all pray (Sun Herald -14th November) about the VEOC and it's efforts to entrap the likes of Daniel Scott, confirms that their real objective is PC thought control.


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