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The pathological hierarchy of humbug

(28July2010) “……The great and wise Professor Philip Stott, who has painstakingly charted the anthropogenic global warming scam since it burst into public consciousness more than two decades ago, has penned some reflections on the cause of such epidemic derangement. Depicting it as the grand narrative that human greed and profligacy are changing the world's climate apocalyptically, a sin that can only be appeased through public confession and self-sacrifice to the Goddess, Gaia-- a  Grand Narrative that has now spectacularly collapsed before our eyes, even though certain politicians are as ever well behind the curve and are currently stranded alongside the professionally compromised activists who will never admit their epic error --  Stott observes that an explanation for the phenomenon can be provided by the psychological theory of Maslow's ‘hierarchy of needs.'……” The pathological hierarchy of humbug , Melanies Phillips/ Professor Philip Stott, Spectator    “…..As our basic needs are fulfilled and life gets more secure, so we place more emphasis on higher tiers. This rationalises our increasingly rights-based culture and the rise and entrenchment of environmentalism in everyday life. Subsistence farmers or poor labourers have more pressing needs to fulfil. But the obverse of this is that, as short-term, pressing threats are lifted, we have time to focus on longer-term or less urgent ones…..It appears that, the higher we move up the Maslow pyramid, the greater is our need for theoretical, manufactured, future ‘catastrophes'. ‘Global warming' thus comprised the classic ‘need' of the ‘loads-of-money' generation. But, we are now plunging back to reality, so that we no longer require this particular ‘catastrophe' for our psychological fulfilment. Of course, new ‘catastrophes' will surely arise to replace it, and they are already doing so, in the guise of food and energy security, and genetic choices, among many others….. The modern activist wants jam with everything. Well-heeled Greens rail against capitalism and technological progress while personally benefiting hugely from their unique bounty. In similar vein, militant atheists rail against Judeo-Christian ethics while wanting to retain the human rights these codes have uniquely bestowed upon western society. As such, maybe Maslow's ‘hierarchy of needs' might be refined for the western intelligentsia to become a ‘hierarchy of humbug'……”  

Desperate days for the warmists

(25July2010) “......Ever more risibly desperate become the efforts of the believers in global warming to hold the line for their religion, after the battering it was given last winter by all those scandals surrounding the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. One familiar technique they use is to attribute to global warming almost any unusual weather event anywhere in the world. Last week, for instance, it was reported that Russia has recently been experiencing its hottest temperatures and longest drought for 130 years. The head of the Russian branch of WWF, the environmental pressure group, was inevitably quick to cite this as evidence of climate change, claiming that in future "such climate abnormalities will only become more frequent". He didn't explain what might have caused the similar hot weather 130 years ago.... Administration (NOAA) has been trumpeting that, according to its much-quoted worldwide temperature data, the first six months of this year were the hottest ever recorded. But expert analysis on Watts Up With That, the US science blog, shows that NOAA's claimed warming appears to be strangely concentrated in those parts of the world where it has fewest weather stations. In Greenland, for instance, two of the hottest spots, showing a startling five-degree rise in temperatures, have no weather stations at all......” Desperate days for the warmists , Christopher Booker, The Telegraph “......A second technique the warmists have used lately to keep their spirits up has been to repeat incessantly that the official inquiries into the "Climategate" scandal have cleared the top IPCC scientists involved of any wrongdoing, and that their science has been "vindicated". But, as has been pointed out by critics like Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit, this is hardly surprising, since the inquiries were careful not to interview any experts, such as himself, who could have explained just why the emails leaked from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) were so horribly damaging. The perfunctory report of the Science Appraisal Panel, chaired by Lord Oxburgh, examined only 11 papers produced by the CRU, none of them remotely connected to what the fuss was all about.... A third technique, most familiar of all, has been to fall back on the dog-eared claim that leading sceptics only question warmist orthodoxy because they have been funded by "Big Oil" and the "fossil fuel industry"......Even the big oil companies have long been putting their real money into projects dedicated to showing how they are in favour of a "low-carbon economy". In 2002 Exxon gave $100 million to Stanford University to fund research into energy sources needed to fight global warming. BP, which rebranded itself in 2004 as "Beyond Petroleum", gave $500 million to fund similar research.... Compare the funding received by a handful of think-tanks to the hundreds of billions of dollars lavished on those who speak for the other side by governments, foundations, multinational corporations, even Big Oil, and the warmists are winning hands down. But only financially: they are not winning the argument......”

Proof that Gillard brought in the boats that Howard stopped

(25July2010) From The Adrew Bolt Blog Proof that Gillard brought in the boats that Howard stopped

Palestinians in the Arab world: Why the silence??

(23July2010) “.....When was the last time the United Nations Security Council met to condemn an Arab government for its mistreatment of Palestinians? How come groups and individuals on university campuses in the US and Canada that call themselves "pro-Palestinian" remain silent when Jordan revokes the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians? The plight of Palestinians living in Arab countries in general, and Lebanon in particular, is one that is often ignored by the mainstream media in West. How come they turn a blind eye to the fact that Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and many more Arab countries continue to impose severe travel restrictions on Palestinians? And where do these groups and individuals stand regarding the current debate in Lebanon about whether to grant Palestinians long-denied basic rights, including employment, social security and medical care? Or have they not heard about this debate at all? Probably not, since the case has failed to draw the attention of most Middle East correspondents and commentators. A news story on the Palestinians that does not include an anti-Israel angle rarely makes it to the front pages of Western newspapers....” Palestinians in the Arab world: Why the silence? , Khaled Abu Toameh “..... Can someone imagine what would be the reaction in the international community if Israel tomorrow passed a law that prohibits its Arab citizens from working as taxi drivers, journalists, physicians, cooks, waiters, engineers and lawyers? Or if the Israeli Ministry of Education issued a directive prohibiting Arab children from enrolling in universities and schools? But who said that the Lebanese authorities have not done anything to "improve" the situation? In fact, the Palestinians living in that country should be grateful to the Lebanese government. Until 2005, the law prohibited Palestinians from working in 72 professions. Now the list of jobs has been reduced to 50. Still, Palestinians are not allowed to work as physicians, journalists, pharmacists or lawyers in Lebanon...... Rami Khouri, a prominent Lebanese journalist, wrote in The Daily Star that "all Arab countries mistreat millions of Arab, Asian and African foreign guest workers, who often are treated little better than chattel or indentured laborers…The mistreatment, abysmal living conditions and limited work, social security and property rights of the Palestinians [in Lebanon] are a lingering moral black mark." Foreign journalists often justify their failure to report on the suffering of Palestinians in the Arab world by citing "security concerns" and difficulty in obtaining an entry visa into an Arab country.  But these are weak and unacceptable excuses given the fact that most of them could still write about these issues from their safe offices and homes in New York, London and Paris. Isn't that what most of them are anyway doing when they are write about the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip?

Gillard plan for power

(22July2010) Comrade Julia Gillard explains her plan to use Labor as a Trojan horse for the far Left's agenda:   “... For the Left to make any real advance all these perspectives on the relationship to Labor in government need to be rejected in favour of a concept of strategic support for Labor governments. We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance. The task of pushing back the current political constraints by changing public opinion would need to be tackled by the Left through government, social movements and trade unions...” That comes from a document Gillard wrote for the communist-formed Socialist Forum group which she helped to run, despite now claiming she was just a part-time “typist”. Gillard plan for power  It's clear from Gillard's writings that she sees the Socialist Forum not as a mere “debating society” (another false claim), but as an activist group that would infiltrate Labor to push its own socialist agenda.  Well, her plan seems to be running to schedule so far. Of course, maybe she's changed her mind about her far-Left agenda in the past few years, but I'd believe that more if she didn't tell so many untruths about what she was up to .  As it is, I'm inclined to suspect Labor has a cuckoo in its nest.

Eminent Physicists Skeptical of AGW

(22July2010) “....The guys at Popular Tech have created  a v ery nice list of Eminent Physicists Skeptical of AGW.  They've put together seven names of eminent scientists who are skeptical of man-made climate catastrophe, along with their stellar biographies and quotes. It tells us nothing about the climate, but before you write it off as just a fallacious appeal to authority, ponder that these eminent people are the same people that teenage tree-huggers would call “deniers”. “....To see just how mindlessly puerile “denier” is, try the thought experiment of putting those-who-use-it in the same room as one of the more notable “deniers”. Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard used “denier” 11 times in one recent speech . So imagine she's in a room talking with, say, Ivar Giaever. She studied arts and law, he got a PhD in theoretical physics two years before she was born, and won a Nobel Prize by the time she was nine. Picture him talking atmospheric physics and her telling him he's a denier .....”

Too late to save Britain it's time to emigrate

(20July2010) “.....Part of me feels that those who have helped to bring the country down — venal politicians, false educators, degraders of the media, thieving privatisers of the public domain — need to be fought to a standstill, here on this battlefield, by those with the energy, strength and clarity of mind to do so. For no one wants to believe that the country of his birth, language, upbringing and way of thinking cannot be redeemed. But the thousands, and tens of thousands, leaving Britain — another million and more will be gone in the next five years, the largest category of them the young, the skilled, the professional — are not wrong. The country's dilapidation has gone too far. Britain has been impoverished by the mismanagement of the national economy, the running down of manufacturing, and the voraciousness of free-market ethics....It might be treason to leave if there was a real nation to betray. In the era of the ‘global market', with its flux of capital, goods and labour, there isn't. And most, whether they are staying, leaving, or merely thinking of going, know it. British citizenship signifies less today than at any time in its history....” Too late to save Britain it's time to emigrate , David Selbourne, The Spectator “.....Britain is also an increasingly tough place for young people, let down by the education system, harmed by familial breakdown, with shrinking opportunity and an infernal housing situation. But it is not a happy land in which to grow old either. In 1927, André Maurois wrote that ‘in all countries old age is a virtue in a public man, but especially in England'. Can that be said now? Of course not....in the last few decades, and at accelerating pace, a great unravelling has taken place in Britain, a free country degraded by its freedoms. And ‘business as usual' will serve the British national interest no more than Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers have served the world economy, or BP's practices have served the people of Louisiana and Florida..... The country's broadly shared values rested, among other things, on convention, on common law and custom, on a sense of community despite social inequality, on respect for public service and on a belief in the work ethic. They have not survived the self-degrading moral and market free-for-all which has been unleashed upon the land. It has reduced the citizen to a mere customer and consumer, and has invited so many free-loaders... In a country that does not know what it once was, or where it is going next, the re-branded and ‘modernised' mainstream parties — which once represented values as well as interests — have also lost their way (and their memberships) on the ‘centre ground'; Labour no longer represents labour, Conservatives do not wish to conserve, and Liberal Democrats appear to have no principles at all. The parties have become indistinct....There is no utopia on earth, and other free and too-free societies are not in good shape. But few have squandered their inheritance as rapidly as Britain, few have been so self-harming.....”

West's failure of nerve is a win for Islamic terrorism

(20July2010) “.....The West has just confirmed the central fear about why it is ill-suited to deal with the Islamic fundamentalists who seek to destroy it. The fear? That extremists will fight for their dream as long as they're alive, but the West will fight only as long as the opinion polls hold up. Even before the coalition forces in Afghanistan have been able to demonstrate a single success from their new counter-insurgency strategy, their governments are about to announce their withdrawal. Even as US forces are still building towards their peak ''surge'' strength in August, the political leadership has decided to abandon the fight. Today, the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, is expected to announce agreement among the 46-nation coalition that combat forces will withdraw by 2014....The announcement seems reasonable on its face, but in reality it is tantamount to a declaration of surrender. It represents a threshold declaration that the West does not have the strength of purpose or the stamina to meet its stated goal of depriving the violent, repressive international jihadists of a territorial base from which to operate. It means the Taliban and its al-Qaeda ally are succeeding in their strategy of ''discredit, exhaust, inherit....” West's failure of nerve is a win for Islamic terrorism, Peter Hartcher, The Sydney Morning Herald “.....Although the full consequences of this moment will not be evident for years, it is an unmistakeable sign of the strategic fickleness of the great Western powers. It sends the strongest signal across all contested political territories of the world that they cannot depend on the strength of the West...Of course, the Western politicians meeting in Kabul today will fall over themselves to tell us the withdrawal will be strictly ''conditions-based and phased''. But it's just an unseemly political retreat that bears no relation to the successful progress of the allied strategy on the ground...The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, described the forthcoming Kandahar assault as ''the cornerstone of our surge effort and the key to shifting the momentum''. So even with the strategy, the surge and the ''cornerstone'' still in serious doubt, the West is announcing its withdrawal date. This is clearly not a serious commitment to a task. It is plainly a retreat in the face of a failure of political will. Afghanistan is the field, but this is not about Afghanistan. It's about the strength of purpose of the West and its credibility. It is in the very act of failing on both.....”

Climate Change Timeline – 1895-2009

(20July2010) There is most certainly a pattern to climate change…But it's not what you may think: For at least 114 years, climate “scientists” have been claiming that the climate was going to kill us…but they have kept switching whether it was a coming ice age , or global warming .Climate Change Timeline – 1895-2009

'Times Square Bomber' appears in video justifying actions (16July2010)

Before moving forward, have a look in the rear-view mirror

(16July2010) “.......Julia Gillard's address to the Lowy Institute last week was titled " Moving Australia forward ", one of the cliches of our time. No doubt it will be given a thorough workover before the election. In the interests of formulating policy on the contentious issues of immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, unauthorised boat arrivals and all that, it is appropriate to look backwards and confront some prevailing myths. The exaggerated, and sometimes intolerant, comments by opponents of asylum seekers are a matter of public record. But asylum-seeker advocates, who inflate figures and fudge history, do not help the cause of rational debate. In The Age last Wednesday Julian Burnside, QC, wrote: "It is easy to forget that the Fraser government received about 25,000 Indochinese 'boat people' each year, without a murmur from the community". Both comments contain significant errors. That evening Paul Barclay, presenter of the Radio National program Australia Talks , elaborated on the Burnside claim by asserting "during Malcolm Fraser's government 25,000 refugees arrived by boat per year and there was bipartisan support for it". This is hopelessly wrong. Now for some facts .... In 1976, the first year of Fraser's government, 111 people arrived by unauthorised boats. As the former prime minister acknowledges in Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs , by the end of his government almost 70,000 refugees "had settled in the country, only 2059 of whom were boat people". In other words, the figures cited by Burnside and Barclay are simply incorrect......” Before moving forward, have a look in the rear-view mirror , Gerard Henderson, The Sydney Institute “...... About 97 per cent of Indochinese who settled in Australia during Fraser's prime ministership were processed in offshore centres in such places as Indonesia and the Philippines and arrived by air with valid visas. One of the reasons there was so little opposition to Indochinese refugees in the late 1970s and early 1980s turned on the fact their arrival was authorised..... As the former Whitlam minister Clyde Cameron pointed out in his book China, Communism and Coca-Cola , Gough Whitlam said the would not tolerate "f------ Vietnamese Balts coming to this country with their religious and political hatreds".....On Sky News on July 4 the GetUp! activist Amanda Tattersall alleged the Howard government's decision to turn boats around led "350 people [to] die on the Siev X". This is wrong and a grievous insult to the navy. The Senate Select Committee for an Inquiry into a Certain Maritime Incident, which included Senator John Faulkner, found no evidence "for believing that negligence or dereliction of duty was committed in relation to Siev X". Last week the Prime Minister announced her government was discussing with East Timorese leaders the possibility of establishing a regional processing centre for asylum seekers. Labor is responding to a spike in unauthorised boat arrivals of about 2750 last year and about 3000 this year so far....Despite the current emotion, offshore processing has worked in the past and it may work again. A sense of history should be of assistance in helping to resolve the matter.....”

How the mining tax revision turned into secret goalpost-shifting business

(12July2010)“.....Tony Abbott is right. Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan have grossly misled the public on the cost of their abject surrender to the three big mining companies over the former resource super profits tax. They claimed that almost halving the rate of the tax - from 40 per cent to an effective 22.5 per cent - and making various other concessions demanded by the companies would reduce tax collections by just $1.5 billion over its first two years - a mere 12.5 per cent of the originally budgeted $12 billion. How was that always unbelievably small cost achieved? Partly by shifting the goalposts.... Let's be clear: there's nothing wrong with the government using more up-to-date specifications when it redoes its budget figuring. No, the crime is to do so without acknowledgement, let alone without indicating the value of the changes. Coming from a treasurer, this isn't tricky behaviour, it is dishonesty.....” How the mining tax revision turned into secret goalpost-shifting business , Ross Gittins. Sydney Morning Herald  “..... But the other part of the sleight of hand is to change the tax in ways that have implications over many years, then tell us only about the first two. So again we're forced to rely on figuring by outsiders lacking the Treasury's knowledge....The original tax's now-abandoned guarantee to pick up 40 per cent of losses was of little value to the big boys, but (despite their claims to the contrary) of great value to the new small boys (as was also the now-abandoned plan to give a refundable rebate rather than a simple deduction for exploration costs). Whereas under the original tax 2500 firms would have been affected, now only about 320 will be. But this means about 2200 mining companies will now not be relieved of paying state royalties. This greatly reduces the economic efficiency gain from the new tax because so many miners will remain subject to royalties based on volume or price, not profits. Well done....”

Bid for Islamic teachings

(11July2010) “.....Every Australian school student would be taught positive aspects about Islam and Muslims - and that Australia is a racist country - under a proposal by an education think tank. The plan is outlined in the Learning From One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools booklet, published during the week by the Australian Curriculum Studies Association and the University of Melbourne's Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies. It says there is a "degree of prejudice and ignorance about Islam and Muslims", and Australian students must be taught to embrace difference and diversity....... Its authors are offering free seminars to teachers, which promise to "provide avenues for you to introduce Islam- and Muslim-related content in your classrooms" and "equip you with the skills to meet the needs and expectations of Muslim students in a multi-faith classroom" But education experts have branded it a biased and one-sided approach that ignores Australia's Christian heritage and Western culture....." Bid for Islamic teachings , Herald Sun “....The book fails to mention the terrorist nature of such Islamic fundamentalists or describe their terrorist acts like the Bali bombings," education consultant Dr Kevin Donnelly said. "Ignored is what some see as the inherently violent nature of the Koran, where devout Muslims are called on to carry out jihad and to convert non-believers, and the destructive nature of what is termed dhimmis - where non-believers are forced to renounce their religion, are discriminated against and forced to accept punitive taxation laws.... ACSA executive director Catherine Schoo said the booklet was misunderstood "This is simply a resource for non-Muslim teachers who may want to improve their understanding of issues Muslims face in Australian schools," she said....”.

Children won't be left to drown....How about Gillard?

(7July2010) “....How stupid does Julia Gillard think "redneck central'' is? She can't honestly believe voters in marginal electorates will fall for her election-eve volte-face on asylum seekers, unveiled in a speech this week to the Lowy Institute. She can't honestly believe they will be grateful for her patronising defence of them as not being the racist, bigoted "rednecks" refugee advocates such as Julian Burnside say they are. Especially while she bent over backwards to praise him as: ''Prominent Australian, Julian Burnside, QC, an eminent lawyer, much respected in our community.'' Everyone knows that it was the Labor policies crafted by Julia Gillard, when she was shadow immigration minister, that turned a trickle of about three unauthorised boat arrivals a year into an escalating three boats a week, leading to more than 150 drowning deaths of asylum seekers along the way, and almost 600 children currently in detention. But after years of vilifying conservatives for supporting the Howard government policies that stopped the flow of boats, Labor thinks it can turn around within weeks of an election, without admitting they were wrong, and create their own version of a ''Pacific solution''.....” Children won't be left to drown....How about Gillard? Miranda Devine. Sydney Morning Herald  “.....Gillard is kidding if she thinks she can suddenly undo all the vile distortions and character assassinations of the past, which caused so much division and unpleasantness in the nation.....Now we see, as we always knew anyway, the bullies couldn't care less about asylum seekers. They were using the issue as a battering ram against their opponents. And it worked. Nice, well-meaning people started to believe there was something wrong with conservatives - they were hard-hearted and cruel. Thus came the rise of the doctors' wives. Now all the usual suspects who pummelled the Howard government are lining up to support Gillard...The generous view is that all those who vilified conservatives as racists and bigots during the Howard era have realised they were mistaken. They will never have the grace to admit it. But those who were vilified and treated as rednecks are not so easily conned. Voters have long memories, too....”

What is an Extreme Conservative?

Conservatives too often are tagged as 'extremists', writes Senator Cory Bernardi.

(7July2010) “......Apparently conservatives are now regarded as extremists, or so I was told via email yesterday. In a thinly veiled insult, I was identified as an extreme conservative for daring to speak publicly of my political and personal views. In times gone past there was nothing unusual about advocating for the natural order of things or defending the wisdom of the ages. In fact the extremist tag was historically given to those who sought to overthrow the existing order. Somehow, over the past few decades, the radical is no longer the aberration but seems to have become the norm.... This has placed the conservative in the awkward position of becoming tagged as the 'extremist'. As the epithet has been directed at me, I thought it might be wise to examine briefly some of my beliefs that cause such consternation among the political left... Yes I am an advocate for smaller government and believe that government should stick to its core responsibilities..... I also believe in lower taxes. Firstly because I don't think government spends your money as well as you can, but also because individuals need incentives to work and invest.... I believe that there is actually right and wrong and that moral relativism eventually dooms a society (and a nation) to mediocrity and dysfunction.....” What is an Extreme Conservative , Senator Cory Bernardi “.... Our moral and legal foundation is based on the Judeo-Christian tradition and regardless of whether one is of faith or not, this tradition has served us well... This tradition was also at the very foundation of our constitution. This enduring document details the separation of powers, the rights and obligations of every citizen and is the basis of our robust democracy. As such, I endorse the existing constitutional arrangements as vital to the peace and stability we have enjoyed for the past 110 years... Finally, the one thing that seems to get the most hostile and virulent response is my refusal to subscribe to the anthropogenic climate change alarmism. I know thousands of people are making billions of dollars out of this racket but that is not a good reason to suspend common sense and responsible scientific analysis. The more often the alarmists are shown to be disingenuous, manipulative and outright liars, the more vicious and nasty they become. Perhaps Shakespeare should have written "Hell hath no fury like an alarmist exposed!.....”.


NEW!! Europe in Twilight

(6July2010)“......It is not too incredible to imagine that within a century, German, the language of Goethe, Schiller and Mann, may become a dead language. That is already the almost certain fate of the Swedish and Norwegian languages. French, Spanish and English will survive as the pidgin languages of distant colonies, but in their own capital cities, these languages are swiftly becoming transformed into dialects, crossbred with Middle Eastern and African intonations and jargon to become increasingly alien to their own origins. In hardly two generations we have moved from a world dominated by Europe, to one in which the peoples that not too long ago formed its ruling civilization may become extinct. The nations of Europe are caught between the economic unsustainability of socialism and the political fortunes of its overlords, who have built entire economic castles of cards on government entitlements and guest workers. The European Union has been proven to be unworkable, even as an authoritarian organization. It may survive, but like all overly enthusiastic parasites, its survival would only serve to quicken its host's doom... The One-Worldism that once so animated European socialists is conceptually dead. The European Union is its last gasp, and the international organizations erected in desperate fits of optimism from the UN on down, have become a sham of a farce, unfit to do anything but promote the agendas of the most brutal and power hungry regimes.... Europe's leaders surrendered their national identities and cultures bit by bit, expecting to find some new Utopian society on the other end. Instead all they found was debt and savagery. Socialism slashed the birth rate and hiked the budget. The immigrants and guest workers who were brought in to compensate for both, only inflated the budget further and fixed the birth rate in their own direction. England and France left behind their colonies, only to have those colonies follow them home, like ownerless dogs turned feral. And Europe's governments pretended that this was the best of all worlds. After all European culture and national sovereignty were being stamped out, but it was being replaced with a new identity. Not European, not post-National, but Islamic...” Europe in Twilight , Daniel Greenfield. Canada Free Press “...... By abandoning its identities, Europe abandoned any form of meaningful self-definition.... To fight for a nation, its citizens must see it as a meaningful part of their identity.... And so today Europe is in twilight, its sun has set and the shadows have grown. Huddled shapes are massing, gathering their forces and preparing for Europe's long night. A night it may never wake from. Burning cars and burqas, mosques and medieval mores being enforced again in Republics that had prided themselves on their showy modernism, The vandals of London and Paris, Brussels and Rome, know exactly what they're fighting for. A new golden age of Islam, built on the looted technology and wealth of Europe. Just as the old one had been built on stolen Roman and Greek texts that had somehow escaped burning by the Islamic hordes.... Culture abhors a vacuum, and the human mind will fill in identities where they are lacking. And while Islam could not contend with the complexity of European culture, its identity is far more uncomplicated and secure. The Muslims protesting against returning English soldiers understand their identity and role in a way that the bobbies directed to keep them apart, do not. And this problem extends all the way up the trunk of government, and down again by way of the poisoned sap of appeasement. For European Muslims, there is only the decision between Jihad Now or Jihad Later When We Are In the Majority...... While the Islamists continue programming identity into regional Muslims, Europe's governments instead focus on deprogramming their own citizens..... EU members are working to strip away the remains of their national identities.  The outcome is clear. To disarm a man's identity is to take away his soul... And Europe's post-nationalism has produced a generation that despises war even more fervently than their grandparents did, despises the United States for its purported warmongering even while living on a diet of American culture, and prides itself on tolerance for immigrants and refugees. Even self-interest can only move them so far, considering that they have been taught that self-interest is a dirty word. (Along with unilateralism and colonialism, but not Communism.) But renewal can only come from identity, for people to wake up and fight for their rights, they must first know who they are, so that they will believe that their rights are worth fighting for.....”

NEW!! Green Laws and dead business

(6July2010) From the Andrew Bolt Blog : First it was Peter Spencer from Cooma NSW now it's Matt and Janet Thompson, beef producers from Narrogin in Western Australia . It is quite unbelievable that this can happen in Australia , that bureaucrats having granted a licence can then change the terms and conditions of that licence and send a very successful family business employing 20 people to the wall.  Meanwhile, governments sit back and do nothing.      Green Laws and dead business

NEW!! Climategate was 'a game-changer' in science reporting, say climatologists

(5July2010) “.....This Wednesday sees the publication of the Muir Russell report into the conduct of scientists from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) , whose emails caused a furore in November after they were hacked into and published online. Critics say the emails reveal evasion of freedom of information law, secret deals done during the writing of reports for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a cover-up of uncertainties in key research findings and the misuse of scientific peer review to silence critics...."The release of the emails was a turning point, a game-changer," said Mike Hulme, professor of climate change at the University of East Anglia . "The community has been brought up short by the row over their science. Already there is a new tone. Researchers are more upfront, open and explicit about their uncertainties, for instance." And there will be other changes, said Hulme.....” Climategate was 'a game-changer' in science reporting, say climatologists, Guardian.co.uk “.....The emails made him reflect how "astonishing" it was that it had been left to individual researchers to police access to the archive of global temperature data collected over the past 160 years. "The primary data should have been properly curated as an archive open to all."......The climate scientist most associated with efforts to reconciling warring factions, Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the idea of IPCC scientists as "self-appointed oracles, enhanced by the Nobel Prize, is now in tatters". The outside world now sees that "the science of climate is more complex and uncertain than they have been led to believe". Some IPCC scientists are in denial on this issue, she said, arguing that they would like to see the CRU incident as "an irrelevant blip" and to blame their problems on "a monolithic denial machine", but that won't wash....The veteran Oxford science philosopher Jerome Ravetz says the role of the blogosphere in revealing the important issues buried in the emails means it will assume an increasing role in scientific discourse.... a new generation of more sophisticated computer models is failing to reduce the uncertainties in predicting future climate, he says – rather, the reverse. "This is not what the public and politicians expect, so handling and explaining this will be difficult...”.

REPOSTED FROM MARCH 2009 interactive sea levels

I think you'll find this fascinating!!! Check the global sea levels on this interactive site from Monash University. Click here As you shift the bar to the left with your mouse you'll see how the sea levels have changed over 10's of thousands of years. Using the plus and minus tools (magnifying icon's) on the left you'll scroll back millions of years. Using the plus and minus tools on the right you can zoom in and out for the global view

REPOSTED FROM 28JULY 2008 The IPCC's False evidence of man-made global warming

The name Ben Santer has cropped up in this deluge of emails from TheClimatic Research Unit (CRU) based at the University of East Anglia. Santer features in the book by S. Fred Singer and Dennis T Avery "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Hundred years . As you will see from these two or three pages reposted from 28th July 2008, The IPCC's False evidence of man-made global warming,  Santer has form. He singlehandedly was responsible for inserting and deleteing crucial paragraphs into the 1995 IPCC report that totally reversed what the scientists had concluded.

It's worth noting also that the Michael Mann mentioned in the emails is the same Michael Mann that was behind the fraudulent and now debunked Hockey stick graph.


Reposted from August 2007 Unmasking Global Warming

I have often made the case that it seems to me that the Berlin Wall didn't so much come down (and the associated ideology of The Soviet Union collapse) as just mover further west. In other words, the bricks and mortar came down but not the ideology. This article ( reposted from 5th August 2007 )  further advances that argument.


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