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Articles Posted in June 2006


Analysis: Lebanese rules of  war

(29 June06) “…The events of the last few weeks in and around Gaza - the rocket fire on Sderot, the roadside explosions, the Israeli air raids, the "collateral damage," the capture of an IDF soldier, the captors' psychological warfare - all lead to one sinking, unmistakable feeling: Lebanon is here…..The similarities between what is happening now in Gaza, less than a year after disengagement, and what happened for some 18 years in Lebanon are frightening. Yet it should come as no surprise - Hamas learned well from Hizbullah…. Analysis: Lebanese rules of  war Jerusalem Post On Line, “…If the Palestinians from Gaza shoot rockets on Israel as though they were in Lebanon, if they plant roadside bombs as though they were in Lebanon, if they attack IDF outposts and kidnap soldiers as though they were in Lebanon, then they should not be too surprised when Israel treats the Palestinian Authority like Lebanon and acts accordingly….”

Why I love Australia

(25 June06) “…In the Australian House of Representatives last month, opposition member Julia Gillard interrupted a speech by the minister of health thusly: "I move that that sniveling grub over there be not further heard.''….God, I love Australia . Where else do you have a shadow health minister with such, er, starch? Of course I'm prejudiced, having married an Australian, but how not to like a country, in this age of sniveling grubs worldwide, whose treasurer suggests to any person who "wants to live under sharia law'' to try Saudi Arabia and Iran, "but not Australia.'' He was elaborating on an earlier suggestion that "people who ... don't want to live by Australian values and understand them, well then they can basically clear off….''   Why I love Australia by Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post Writers Group. “…Contrast this with Canada, historically and culturally Australia's commonwealth twin, where last year Ontario actually gave serious consideration to allowing its Muslims to live under sharia law…How can you not like a country whose trademark sport has Attila-the-Hun rules, short pants and no padding -- a national passion that makes American football look positively pastoral?... When Australian ambassadors in Washington express support for the U.S. , it is heartfelt and unalloyed, never the "yes, but'' of the other allies, perfunctory support followed by a list of complaints, slights and sage finger-wagging…”

With confidant traditional values comes strength

(21 June06) “…For too long, the multicultural mind-set has acted like a two-pronged censor. It forbids talk that applauds the majority culture. And it's an even more potent censor when it comes to criticising minorities. Both are out of bounds according to these Two Commandments of Multiculturalism. By talking up Western values, Canadians chose to ignore the first commandment…. This Western tendency to ignore the obvious, for fear of being labelled an Islamophobe, is becoming dangerous…. What went wrong? In short, London became Londonistan. In her new book of that name, Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips exposes how the decline of British identity and the collapse of Western values facilitated the emergence of fanatical Islamism that culminated in the London terrorist attacks last June…” With confidant traditional values comes strength by Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian “…Terrorism feeds on weakness, Phillips says. An emasculated Britain embraced would-be terrorists in the name of tolerance and ignorance. London became the place for radical imams such as Abu Qatada, Omar Bakri Mohammed, Abu Hamza al-Masri and Mohammed al-Massari to preach incitement to violence, raise money and recruit members for jihad. Her book traces how British-based terrorists carried out attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Spain and the US. Even after the 9/11 attacks in the US , Britain was not shaken from its multicultural reverie..”

Jihadist video aimed at Muslim Youth

(21 June06) “..CBC News (Canadian Broadcsting Corpration) has obtained a copy of the video allegedly handed out by one of the Toronto bomb-plot suspects in the parking lot of a local mosque…The video offers a chilling glimpse inside the jihadist mind and is intended as a wake-up call to Muslim youth in Canada…” Jihadist video aimed at Muslim Youth CBC News “..The star of the video is Osama bin Laden, who is seen urging Muslims to kill infidels. "Therefore each individual from amongst the Muslims should come forth to kill the Jews and Americans," bin Laden says, "for killing them is foremost of obligations and the greatest form of worship."…The 36-minute tape lists famous suicide bombers as martyrs and urges Muslims to attack the West..”

The Jordanian Connection Why Amman helped track down Zarqawi

(21 June06) “…As we are gradually becoming aware, an enormous tranche of captured Iraqi government papers are very slowly being analyzed and translated. Currently housed in Qatar , this documentation can be reviewed thus far on the Pentagon's Foreign Military Studies Office Web site . Elements in the Bush administration are still highly reluctant to declassify and disclose much of this material, probably because it demonstrates yet again that our "intelligence" services knew less than nothing of what was happening in Iraq . But early yields have proved illuminating and will probably lead to a revision of the current complacent consensus, both on Saddam's WMD plans and on his extensive contact with the region's Islamic fanatics….A suggestive new document from this trove has now been uncovered and analysed by Ray Robison, a former staffer on David Kay's Iraq Survey Group. It details a meeting in Baghdad between Fazlur Rahman, a major Pakistani cleric and Taliban sympathizer, and Taha Yassin Ramadan, Saddam's vice president and chief party enforcer…” The Jordanian Connection Why Amman helped track down Zarqawi, by Chrisopher Hitchens “…Fazlur Rahman seeks and receives sympathy, brings a message of goodwill from Mullah Omar, and requests Iraqi help in mediating between the Taliban, Northern Alliance, and the Russians in Afghanistan . Though some of the conversation is opaque and hard to decipher, it clearly shows that a friendly informal contact existed between the two regimes. (Unconfirmed reports allege that Vice President Ramadan also met with Bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in Baghdad in 1998.)… if one wanted to argue that al-Qaida would not be in Iraq if we were not, one had to confront the fact that Zarqawi was actually there first. And that while he was there, he could in theory have had a chat with Abdul Rahman Yasin, the man who mixed the chemicals for the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and then (released by the FBI) went straight to Baghdad….”


I Against My Brother

(22 June06) “…In an earlier post entitled “What Went Wrong? I briefly addressed three puzzles that some may find interesting. The first of these puzzles is how the cultures, languages, civilizations and ethnic identities of subject peoples throughout North Africa and the Middle East were extinguished and replaced by an Arab identity, language and culture over the course of centuries…..During the 15 th century the Arab and European worlds passed each other going in opposite directions. Europe had unleashed in itself a huge reservoir of human creativity that would lead to unprecedented and previously unimaginable prosperity, security, opportunity and well-being while the Arab world by 1798 more closely resembled 10 th century Europe. The very first printing press in the Arab world was put to work in 1822 " I Against My Brother by Ken Lydell “… While Islam has certainly contributed to the ignorance, superstition and xenophobia of the Arabs, the Arab failure to achieve modernity is primarily the product of their Bedouin culture. Bedouin culture has two virtues: charity and hospitality. Among its many vices are an honor-shame dynamic and familism…The honor-shame dynamic that influences all Arab behavior is a product of familism. Honor is both personal and shared. It is personal in the sense that an individual can by various means increase the regard of others. It is shared in the sense that increasing one's honor also increases family honor and anything that increases family honor also increases personal honor….It is brother against brother jockeying for honor points within a family. It is family against family, clan against clan, tribe against tribe and sect against sect with each contender using any means necessary to advance either personal or group aims at the expense of competitors.

Iraqi Reformist on Arab Society and Social Schizophrenia

(21 June06) On a similar theme to the last posting…

“…In an article titled "Arab Society and Schizophrenia," Iraqi reformist Dr. Abd Al-Khaleq Hussein, who writes on several reformist websites, argues that Arab society suffers from "social schizophrenia,"….

"…Iraqi social scientist Ali Al-Wardi was the first to characterize the Iraqi people as suffering from this severe social illness, which he labelled 'split personality.' According to his theory, Iraqis suffer... from a conflict between the Bedouin values that have been passed down through the generations and the cultural values that the Iraqi society has acquired... "A [schizophrenia] patient believes that he is exceptional and that others should treat him as though he is an important person. The Arabs also believe that they are more important than others in every respect. They [believe that they] are the best among nations..., and regard other nations with contempt…” Iraqi Reformist on Arab Society and Social Schizophrenia by Dr Abd Al-Khaleq Huissein "Schizophrenia patients prefer to live in isolation from the rest of the world, and spend most of their time alone, detached from other people. They are uninterested in the company of friends and relatives, are unable to form friendships with other people or to maintain previous friendships, and do not care that they have no friends. …"All these symptoms are also prevalent in the Arab society, and are due to faulty education from an early age…"Obviously, it is difficult to change the people's entire outlook overnight, especially when the governments constitute an obstacle to reform. The process is difficult and will take a long time, but there is nothing to prevent it from starting today… The ball is in the court of the Arab governments, who must understand the reasons for their backwardness and the backwardness of their people. …"The problem with these governments is that they have always objected, and still object, to gradual and peaceful development…”

Tribalism is the real enemy in Iraq

(20 June06) “…Forget the Quran. Forget the ayatollahs and the imams. If we want to understand the enemy we're fighting in Iraq , the magic word is tribe….For two years I've been researching a book about Alexander the Great's counterguerrilla campaign in Afghanistan , 330-327 B.C. What has struck me most powerfully is that that war is a dead ringer for the ones we're fighting today -- even though Alexander was pre-Christian and his enemies were pre-Islamic… The tribe is the most ancient form of social organization. It arose from the hunter-gatherer clans of prehistory. A tribe is small. It consists of personal, face-to-face relationships, often of blood. A tribe is cohesive. Its structure is hierarchical. It has a leader and a rigid set of norms and customs that define each individual's role…” Tribalism is the real enemy in Iraq by Steven Pressfield, Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “…The people we're fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan live that life 24/7/365, and they've been living it for the past 10,000 years. They like it. It's who they are. They're not going to change…. The tribe needs a boss. Alexander understood this. Unlike the United States , the Macedonians knew how to conquer a country. When Alexander took Babylon in 333 B.C., he let the people know he was the man. They accepted this. They welcomed it. Life could go on….You can't sell freedom to tribesmen any more than you can sell democracy. He doesn't want it. It violates his code. It threatens everything he stands for…. You can't make deals with a tribal foe; they won't be honored. You can't buy them; they'll take your money and despise you. The tribe can't be reasoned with. Its mind is not rational, it's instinctive. The tribe is not modern but primitive. The tribe thinks from the stem of its brain, not the cortex. Its code is of warrior pride, not of Enlightenment reason….”

Why I Published the Muhammad Cartoons

(17 June06)“…European political correctness allows Muslims to resist integration, argues the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten . Instead, Muslims should be treated just like all Europeans -- including being subject to satire. He argues that publishing the caricatures was an act of "inclusion, not exclusion."…. It's time for the Old Continent to face facts and make some profound changes in its outlook on immigration, integration and the coming Muslim demographic surge. After decades of appeasement and political correctness, combined with growing fear of a radical minority prepared to commit serious violence, Europe 's moment of truth is here…. As one who once championed the utopian state of multicultural bliss, I think I know what I'm talking about. I was raised on the ideals of the 1960s, in the midst of the Cold War. I saw life through the lens of the countercultural turmoil, adopting both the hippie pose and the political superiority complex of my generation…” Why I Published the Muhammad Cartoons by Flemming Rose, Culture Editor of Danish Paper Jyllands-Posten “… Now, in Europe 's failure to grapple realistically with its dramatically changing demographic picture, I see a new parallel to that Cold War journey. Europe 's left is deceiving itself about immigration, integration and Islamic radicalism today the same way we young hippies deceived ourselves about Marxism and communism 30 years ago… A cult of victimology arose and was happily exploited by clever radicals among Europe 's Muslims… Another great impediment to integration is the European welfare state. Europe must shed the straitjacket of political correctness, which makes it impossible to criticize minorities for anything -- including violations of laws, traditional mores and values that are central to the European experience….”

We Muslims Have Work To Do

(16 June06)“…Muslim Canadians, as Muslims elsewhere in Western societies, have felt increasingly besieged for some time now, both from outside their community and from within…. We have inherited a culture of denial, of too often refusing to acknowledge our own responsibility for the widespread malaise that has left most of the Arab-Muslim countries in economic, political and social disrepair… In a recent "failed states index" published in the journal Foreign Policy (May/June 2006), Pakistan , for instance, is ranked among the top 10 failed states in the world -- ahead of Afghanistan . Pakistan is a Muslim country, a nuclear military power, but it can barely feed, clothe, educate and shelter its population...” We Muslims Have Work To Do by Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun “…Many of our intellectuals in public life and our religious leaders in mosques remain adept in double-speak, saying contrary things in English or French and then in Arabic or Farsi or Urdu. We have made hypocrisy an art, and have spun for ourselves a web of lies that blinds us to the real world around us…. We have inculcated into our children false pride, and given them a sense of history that crumbles under critical scrutiny. We have burdened them with conflicting loyalties -- and now some of them have become our nightmare. We preach tolerance yet we are intolerant…. We Muslims are the source of our own misery, and we are not misunderstood by others who see in our conduct a threat to their peace….”

Modern-day Goths and Vandals threaten the West via cheap flights and the net

(12 June06) “…One of Britain's most senior military strategists has warned that Western civilisation faces a threat on a par with the barbarian invasions that destroyed the Roman empire…Rear Admiral Chris Parry head of the development, concepts and doctrine centre at Britain's Ministry of Defence, is charged with identifying challenges that will frame future national security policy, pointed to the wave of mass migration that disaster in the Third World could unleash. "The diaspora issue is one of my biggest current concerns," he said. "Globalisation makes assimilation seem redundant and old-fashioned ... (the process) acts as a sort of reverse colonisation, where groups of people are self-contained, going back and forth between their countries, exploiting sophisticated networks and using instant communication on phones and the internet."…. The direct effects of Third World instability would soon lick at the edges of the Western world as pirate gangs mounted smash-and-grab raids on holidaymakers….” Modern-day Goths and Vandals threaten the West via cheap flights and the net by Peter Almond, The Australian “..The bloodiest result of the competition for resources, Parry argued, may be a return to "industrial warfare" as countries with large, growing male populations mobilise armies, even including cavalry, while acquiring computerised warfare technology from the West…. The mass population movements set in train by these disasters, Parry argued, could lead to the " Rome scenario". The Western Roman Empire collapsed in the 4th and 5th centuries under repeated blows from groups such as Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Suevi, Huns and Vandals surging over its borders….Large numbers of African migrants are already trying to reach Europe . The EU has warned that up to 80,000 West Africans are poised to migrate illegally to Europe . In the future, large groups that become established in Britain and Europe may develop "communities of interest" with unstable or anti-Western regions, in effect creating a state within a state…”

Dangerous disconnect

(12 June06) “…Do multiculturalism and political correctness threaten Canada ? Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar has no doubt they do. "Multiculturalism takes away our complete undivided loyalties to this country," explains Kanwar, a criminologist, and professor of sociology at Mount Royal College in Calgary . "Multiculturalism has been bad for unity in Canada . It ghettoizes people, makes them believe, wrongly, that isolating themselves and not adapting to their new society is OK. It is not," says Kanwar, a devout Muslim. "And political correctness threatens us because we can't fight something we refuse to label and understand."… Political correctness has gone too far. Political correctness threatens our society," said the Pakistani-born Kanwar…” Dangerous disconnect by Licia Corbella  "…Political correctness is analytically and intellectually dishonest. We have to understand the doctrine and the dogma of our enemy and we can't do that if we dare not even speak the m-word or the i-word," said David Harris, a former CSIS agent who is now a counter-terrorism expert with Insignis in Ottawa…."It is the responsibility of the minorities to adjust to the majority, not the other way around," added Kanwar….Kanwar also rejected the idea put forward on Thursday by members of Ontario's Muslim community who said Muslim youth are becoming radicalized because they are "marginalized" in Canadian society. "They marginalize themselves," he said. "I came to Canada in 1966. I did not speak a word of English. I worked hard, furthered my education. No Canadian marginalized me ever. I don't see any country in the world better than Canada…"

Rethinking Multiculturalism

(12 June06) “…Now it's the turn of Canadians to ask such questions. Why would young men who aren't particularly poor, downtrodden, friendless or uneducated (at least in a technological sense) turn against the society that welcomed their parents? Why aren't they pleased to be part of Canada 's multicultural society?... The "root cause" of terrorism is not the failure of Canada to accommodate these young men. Western society has it faults, and the experience of alienation is one of the downsides of our consumer-oriented, efficiency-obsessed technological society, but alienation and self-pity don't warrant plots to blow up buildings and kill innocents. To think that elevates narcissism to pathological proportions…” Rethinking Multiculturalism by Robert Sibley, The Ottawa Citizen “…Plato recognized that social order is threatened when the spirited psyches of young men are not directed to noble purposes. Which is to say, uneducated -- or miseducated -- young men are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. And they are doubly dangerous when their spirited nature is perverted by those who promise fulfillment through violence and destruction…when humans think they are chosen by God -- or by Allah -- they "are not crazy in the common-sense use of the term." Rather, they are "spiritually disordered,"….It is time to abandon the cultural relativism of multiculturalism, time to restore the western canon to our education system, time to teach those who come here what this country, and the West as whole, is all about. Multiculturalism cannot be used to promote intolerance. As Matthew Arnold might say, Canada needs to insist that immigrants learn the best that has been thought and said in western culture…”

The Price of ‘nice' for Canada

(11 June06) “… Canada is arguably the most deluded industrialized nation in the world. Because elite Canadians think the U.S. is the font of the world's problems, they think being different than the U.S. and sucking up to the United Nations will buy them grace on the cheap. They claim to be "a nation of peacekeepers," but they rank 50th among U.N. peacekeeper nations in the number of troops sent…..As one Canadian editorial put it: "We are Canada , peacekeepers to the world, everybody's nice guy. Who would want to harm us, and why?" Or as Audrey Macklin, a University of Toronto law professor, confessed to the L.A. Times, Canadians "picture themselves as being thought of as nicer than the United States ." Why on earth would terrorists want to hurt a "nice" country?..” The Price of ‘nice' for Canada by Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times. “..There's good reason to believe that niceness is part of the problem, not the solution…Just a few weeks before the alleged Canadian terror plot was revealed, a sociology professor penned an essay in a Canadian newspaper boasting how well "multiculturalism works in Canada." Canadians are blissfully immune to the backlash against multiculturalism in Europe and the U.S. caused by jihadi terror, argued Augie Fleras, and this has created a climate of progress and social peace. Fleras might want to revisit that…”

Outcome Based Education: Skinnerian Conditioning in the Classroom

(10 June06) There's been a lot written in recent times about the OBE (Outcomes Based Education) particularly in WA, but also pretty much right across the Australian education system (think as far back as Joan Kirner's VCE). This piece was written in 1993 and goes to the heart of the real agenda of OBE, not so much to do with education and a hell of a lot to do with indoctrination .  

“…Parents and educators who have been investigating the reform process are discovering that it is the master plan of the national reform movement itself- usually flying under the label of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) -- that is driving many of the most alarming trends they see in education. But that only scratches the surface. It is becoming frighteningly clear that educational reform through OBE is a major part of a sweeping Orwellian plan to radically restructure all of American society along revolutionary socialist lines from top to bottom . Addressing the 1989 National Governors Conference in Wichita , Kansas , OBE priestess Shirley McCune, senior director of the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, explained: What we're into is the total restructuring of society….”   Outcome Based Education: Skinnerian Conditioning in the Classroom by William F. Jasper “…What is happening in America today and what is happening in Kansas and the Great Plains is not simply a chance situation in the usual winds of change, What it amounts to is a total transformation of society .... Our total society is in a crisis of restructuring and you can't get away from it. You can't go into rural areas, you can't go into the churches, you can't go into government or into business and hide from the fact that what we are facing is the total restructuring of our society… When McCune and her OBE colleagues talk "total transformation" and "total restructuring" they mean total …. Ann Herzer, an Arizona teacher, reading specialist, and education writer who has been warning about the dangers of outcome-based education for many years, told The New American that " through OBE we are actually implementing the Soviet polytechnic system of education, and, incredibly, most conservative organizations and Christian groups that should be opposing it are completely oblivious to the threat, or are actually applauding it…."

Deterring Those Who Are Already Dead

(10 Jun06)To seriously get a handle on what the world is dealing with, with the Jihadi mentality generally and the likes of Iran 's Ahmadinejad specifically this is a truly disturbing but necessary read:

“…Deterrence works because one is able credibly to threaten the center of gravity of the enemy: the threat of inflicting unacceptable losses upon him, whether in a bar brawl or in nuclear escalation. The calculus deterrence relies upon is: is it worth it? Is the Price/Earning Ratio of the contemplated action so hugely negative that it would wipe out the capital? Deterrence works if the price to be paid by the party to be deterred hugely exceeds his expected earnings. But deterrence only works if the enemy is able and willing to enter the same calculus. If the enemy plays by other rules and calculates by other means, he will not be deterred…. When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the Mayor of Tehran, he insistently proposed that the main thoroughfares of Tehran should be widened so that, he explained, on the day of his reappearance, the Hidden Imam, Mohamed ibn Hassan, who went into the great occultation in 941 AD could tread spacious avenues…. religious notions and their estranged cousins, ideological representations, determine not only their believers' beliefs but also their believers' actions. Reality, as it were, is invaded by belief, and belief in turn shapes the believer's reality….” Deterring Those Who Are Already Dead by Laurent Murawiec “…The difference between the religious and the ideologically religious is this: the religious believer accepts that reality is a given, whereas the fanatic gambles everything on a pseudo-reality of what ought to be. The religious believer accepts reality and works at improving it, the fanatic rejects reality, refuses to pass any compromise with it and tries to destroy it and replace it with his fantasy…. In their revolt against the Order of the world, they are determined to impose upon that world an Order that is incompatible with most institutions and people. They are disposed to destroy a world that refuses their dawa, as it stubbornly clings to its own ways, in order to make way for their fanciful views …. Contemporary jihad is not a matter of politics at all (of ‘occupation, of ‘grievances,' of colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism and Zionism), but a matter of Gnostic faith….I am emphatically not saying here that the jihadis are “crazy.” I am saying that they are possessed of a disease of the mind, and the disease is the political religion of modern Gnosticism in its Islamic version…”.

Come to Londonistan, our refuge for poor misunderstood Islamist victims

(7 Jun06)“…The recent report by the Commons Intelligence Committee on last July's London bombings barely scratched the surface of the failure by the security establishment. It failed to note, for example, Britain's dirty little secret: that from the 1990s, Islamist radicals had been given free rein in Britain in a “gentlemen's agreement” that if they were left alone, they would not turn on the country that was so generously nurturing them. The result was “Londonistan”, as Britain became the hub of al-Qaeda in Europe .... Londonistan is more than the physical presence of Islamist extremists. It is also a state of mind. To a dismaying extent, the British have signed up to the false narrative of those who are laying siege to their society…The doctrines of multiculturalism and minority rights, themselves the outcome of a systematic onslaught by the British elite against the country's own identity and values, have paralysed the establishment, which accordingly shies away from criticising any minority for fear of being labelled as bigoted…”. Come to Londonistan, our refuge for poor misunderstood Islamist victims An extract from Londonistan by Melanie Phillips “…Minority rights doctrine has produced a moral inversion, in which those doing wrong are excused if they belong to a “victim” group, while those at the receiving end of their behaviour are blamed simply because they belong to the “oppressive” majority… The mendacious message preached by Islamist leaders, that Britain and America are engaged in a war on Islam rather than a defence of their societies, is a potent incitement to terror by whipping up a hysteria that Muslims are under attack…. It is impossible to overstate the importance — not just to Britain but to the global struggle against Islamist extremism — of properly understanding and publicly challenging this moral, intellectual and philosophical inversion, which translates aggressor into victim and vice versa….”

All or Nothing: The quest for a moderate Islam may be futile

(7 Jun06)“…The week following the Muslim protests in London against the Danish cartoons—with marchers carrying signs calling for the beheading of infidels—other Muslims demonstrated to claim that Islam really meant peace and tolerance. While their implicit recognition that peace and tolerance are preferable to strife and bigotry did these Muslims personal honor, the claim regarding Islam was both historically and intellectually preposterous. Only someone ignorant of the most elementary facts could believe such a thing. From the first, Islam was a religion of pillage, violence, and compulsion, which it justified and glorified.…. It is important, of course, to distinguish between Islam as a doctrine and Muslims as people. Untold numbers of Muslims desire little more than a quiet life; they have the virtues and the vices of the rest of mankind…” All or Nothing: The quest for a moderate Islam may be futile by Theodore Dalrymple (a synopsis/review of “Islamic Imperialism: A History” by Efraim Karsh) “…In his new book, Professor Karsh does not mince words about Mohammed's early and (to all those who do not accept the divinity of his inspiration) unscrupulous resort to robbery and violence, or about Islam's militaristic aspects, or about the link between Islamic tradition and the current wave of fundamentalist violence in the world…. Contrary to its universalistic pretensions, Karsh argues, Islam has never succeeded in eliminating political power struggles within the Muslim world, where, on the contrary, such struggles have always been murderous…. Islam is inherently an unsettling and dangerous factor in world politics, independently of the actual conduct of many Muslims….”

The origins of The Great War of 2007- and how it could have been prevented

(5 Jun06) Are we living through the origins of the next world war? Certainly, it is easy to imagine how a future historian might deal with the next phase of events in the Middle East :

“…With every passing year after the turn of the century, the instability of the Gulf region grew. By the beginning of 2006, nearly all the combustible ingredients for a conflict - far bigger in its scale and scope than the wars of 1991 or 2003 - were in place…. In 1950, there had three times as many people in Britain as in Iran . By 1995, the population of Iran had overtaken that of Britain and was forecast to be 50 per cent higher by 2050… Yet people in the West struggled to grasp the implications of this shift. Subliminally, they still thought of the Middle East as a region they could lord it over, as they had in the mid-20th century. The third and perhaps most important precondition for war was cultural. Since 1979, not just Iran but the greater part of the Muslim world had been swept by a wave of religious fervour, the very opposite of the process of secularisation that was emptying Europe 's churches…” The origins of The Great War of 2007- and how it could have been prevented by Niall Ferguson, Daily Telegraph “…As in the 1930s, too, the West fell back on wishful thinking… The optimists argued that the Cuban Missile Crisis would replay itself in the Middle East . Both sides would threaten war - and then both sides would blink. That was Secretary Rice's hope - indeed, her prayer - as she shuttled between the capitals. But it was not to be….The devastating nuclear exchange of August 2007 represented not only the failure of diplomacy, it marked the end of the oil age…. Yet the historian is bound to ask whether or not the true significance of the 2007-2011 war was to vindicate the Bush administration's original principle of pre-emption. For, if that principle had been adhered to in 2006, Iran 's nuclear bid might have been thwarted at minimal cost. And the Great Gulf War might never have happened..”

Stamp on their livers!!

(5 Jun06) “…A 40-minute videotape released last week by an al-Qaida leader living in France exhorted French Muslims to rise up and punish France for what Anas al Liby calls France's disrespect for Islam….According to al Liby, the French deserve destruction for France's prohibition on religious symbols…French soil, he declared, must be reduced to "an ocean of blood." This event will signal "the beginning of the end of Western Civilization."…Al Liby didn't stop with France . After rising up and reducing France to ashes, al Liby advised his followers to take the uprising to Norway and Denmark , who deserve punishment for allowing cartoon images of Muhammad to be published…” Stamp on their livers!! By Hal Lindsey “…He says the cartoons, which depicted Muhammad as the bloodthirsty founder of a violent religion that preaches hatred and jihad against infidels, were "offensive" to Muslims…Speaking of "the prophet's perfect image," al Liby told his followers that the war against the West is no different than the war that Muhammad fought against unbelievers in his day…After telling French Muslims that the West has no respect for their prophet and the founder of their great religion of "peace and love," he orders the followers of the "perfect image" of Mohammed: "Go forth and stamp on their livers, soak the ground with their blood!"

Facing Down Iran Our lives depend on it

(5 Jun06) “…That moment of ascendancy is now upon us. Or as the Daily Telegraph in London reported: “ Iran 's hardline spiritual leaders have issued an unprecedented new fatwa, or holy order, sanctioning the use of atomic weapons against its enemies… The bad cop/worse cop routine the mullahs and their hothead President Ahmadinejad are playing in this period of alleged negotiation over Iran 's nuclear program is the best indication of how all negotiations with Iran will go once they're ready to fly…. What's the difference between a hothead and a moderate? Well, the extremist Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” while the moderate Rafsanjani has declared that Israel is “the most hideous occurrence in history,” which the Muslim world “will vomit out from its midst” in one blast, because “a single atomic bomb has the power to completely destroy Israel, while an Israeli counter-strike can only cause partial damage to the Islamic world..” Facing Down Iran Our lives depend on it By Mark Steyn, City Journal “…Back when nuclear weapons were an elite club of five relatively sane world powers, your average Western progressive was convinced the planet was about to go ka-boom any minute. The mushroom cloud was one of the most familiar images in the culture, a recurring feature of novels and album covers and movie posters. There were bestselling dystopian picture books for children, in which the handful of survivors spent their last days walking in a nuclear winter wonderland. Now a state openly committed to the annihilation of a neighboring nation has nukes, and we shrug: Can't be helped. Just the way things are…Once again, we face a choice between bad and worse options… It's up to the Iranian people how nutty a government they want to live with, but extraterritorial nuttiness has to be shown not to pay. That means swift, massive, devastating force that decapitates the regime—but no occupation…. The cost of de-nuking Iran will be high now but significantly higher with every year it's postponed. The lesson of the Danish cartoons is the clearest reminder that what is at stake here is the credibility of our civilization….”

For Whom the Bell Tolls

(04Jun06)“…553 years ago today, on 29 May 1453, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople . The Byzantine Empire had been in decline for decades and the fall was inevitable. Some had tried to turn the tide. In 1374, when the Ottomans were only a nascent power, Prince Manuel, governor of Salonica and a son of the Byzantine Emperor, had tried to rally the inhabitants of his city against the Turks…I have been in Turkey for most of the past fortnight, attending a conference where I was invited to give a talk about my book .... On a tour of the town the daughter of our Turkish host showed me a banner by the gate of a local school, which bore a quote of Atatürk: “ Nations who do not know their national identity will become the prey of other nations .” West Europeans would do well to bear this in mind …” For Whom the Bell Tolls by Paul Belian “…Last year a record number of 121,000 people emigrated from the Netherlands , the largest number ever, while only 92,000 immigrated in. This emigration figure is the highest figure in the entire history of the country so far. The Netherlands is today also the European nation with the highest proportion of emigrants. Since 2003 more people have been leaving the country than entering it. The numbers are rising . In the first quarter of this year 29,000 people left the Netherlands – 5,000 more than in the same period last year. Now Ayaan Hirsi Ali is leaving too. The bell tolls for the Dutch, and those who do not hear it must be deaf…”

Eye on Iran: Three must-reads

(02Jun06)“…Two recent events regarding Iran show the strange situation we are witnessing. The first has to do with Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush, the second with the Iranian dress code…. The letter was, according to Robert Spencer, an invitation to convert to Islam, a da'wa, an Islamic requirement before waging war against the unbelievers…Ahmadinejad himself confirmed this interpretation in Indonesia...In the second instance, the news about the new law in Iran, which according to Amir Taheri "has been passed by the Islamic Majlis and will now be submitted to the Council of Guardians…In both cases, we have an example that the West has no clue (at least as presented in most main-stream media) how the Iranians think. To be more precise, they have no clue how Muslims think and what they stand for Why is that?..” Eye on Iran: Three must-reads by Mladen Andrijasevic, Jerusalem Post “… Why is it so difficult for the media and politicians in the western world to sit down and, through Amazon, order three books after which the picture would become clear: "Why I Am Not A Muslim" by Ibn Warraq, "Islam and Dhimmitude" by Bat Ye'or and "The Sword of the Prophet" by Serge Trifkovic?... During the Cold War, hundreds of books were available that tackled the subject of the USSR , from Helene Carrere d'Encausse's " Decline of an Empire" to Nikita Khruschev's "Khruschev Remembers." There is little doubt that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as a Soviet specialist, had read many of them. Why not read Warraq, Bat Ye'or and Trifkovic?..”

The Best and The Brightest (Hate and extremism in Australia 's Universities)

(02Jun06) “… There's an old saying, “It's not so much what is poured into the student, but what is planted that really counts”. And, at both the University of Melbourne and the University of New South Wales , on-campus Islamic Societies have been diligently planting seeds of ethnic hatred and intolerance into the minds of young Muslim students… For the past 12 months MUIS has posted a concocted quote in its Palestine news file that can usually be found on neo-Nazi websites such as “Jew-watch”. The quote, falsely attributed to Benjamin Franklin warns, “Jews suck blood” and “blackmail wealth…MUIS was not singularly consumed with fostering hatred between Jews and young Muslims. It also advocated a disturbing antipathy towards the United States government and its citizens. It presented the terrorists and insurgents fighting both the US and Australia in Iraq as heroes and role models…” The Best and The Brightest (Hate and extremism in Australia 's Universities) by Sharon Lapkin “…The dissemination of radical Islamic propaganda is not limited to the University of Melbourne . Dr Zachariah Matthews , a long time Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY) member and leader gave a welcome speech to Muslim students at University of NSW (UNSW) earlier this year. He advised the young students to “guard themselves against the biggest temptations of campus life” and he drew an analogy where he painted Western university students as wolves and their fellow Muslim students as sheep… On its website, UNSW ISOC features six khutbahs (sermons) written by Waleed Kadous, the Vice President and Secretary of the Islamic Society of the University of NSW… In “Developing an Islamic Mindset”, Kadous informs the student community that there are three “pillars of Western Society”: democracy, materialism and capitalism. All of these, he warns “are great lies…”.

Hamas-Linked Camp in NSW

(02Jun06) “…The Islamic charity, Human Appeal International ( HAI ), recently sponsored an Australian camp on "Muslim Youth Identity" run by the Federation of Australian Students and Youth (FAMSY)… HAI is a UK-based charity that has been described as one of several organisations that "allegedly pose as charities in order to bankroll terrorist activities"… The charity lists its Australian office as 119 Haldon Street , Lakemba – the same address as the Lakemba Musullah (Prayer Hall)…” Hamas-Linked Camp in NSW by Sharon Lapkin “…In testimony before a United States House Committee on "Fund-Raising Methods and Procedure for International Terrorist Organisations" in 2002, world expert on terrorism and national security, Steve Emerson stated: "In a report submitted by the FBI on November 5, 2001, Human Appeal International was described as being closely connected to Hamas…Earlier in the year, FAMSY enjoyed the sponsorship of another Islamic charity which, it has been claimed, funds terror groups. Its "Bright Start" Camp in January was sponsored by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)…”

One law for all? That's be a crime

(02Jun06) What else could we expect from The Peoples Republic of Victoria??

“…For all the sensible talk about one law for all, lurking in the background and gathering steam is a proposal that makes a mockery of that idea …. The Victorian Charter of Rights and Responsibilities Bill is being pushed by bill of rights activists as a model for human rights reform across the nation …. take a close look at section 19, which is a licence for more Aboriginal children to be abused in the name of culture. It is just one example of how these bills, filled with the alluring language of rights, cement into the law a radical left-wing political agenda…. Under the heading "cultural rights", we learn that "Aboriginal persons hold distinct cultural rights and must not be denied the right, with other members of their community, to enjoy their identity and culture"… Cultural rights is a fuzzy euphemism for customary law…” One law for all? That's be a crime by Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian. “…The Victorian bill being hawked around the country is a dangerous piece of political correctness beyond the reach of federal law-makers. It ensures that the same bogus cultural arguments can be repeated by defendants and accepted by judges to explain away abuse… British judges openly admit they have "unusual and far-reaching" powers to reinterpret domestic laws under the guise of applying so-called universal rights in the Human Rights Act…. Transplant that to Australia and you get a feel for where protecting special cultural rights may take us. In fact, section 32 of the Victorian bill allows judges to rely on any judgments of foreign and international courts and tribunals when interpreting a human right…”

Fashionable Guerrillas. For the Left, noble revolutionaries are always in style

(02Jun06))“…Notwithstanding the political catastrophes of the twentieth century, the notion of the noble guerrilla persists on the left. According to this notion, a man or woman who takes to the hills, gun in hand, must be fighting for a good cause, and bringing about a better and more just world….The Guardian 's latest glossy weekend supplement carried a photographic essay about PKK (Kurdish Workers' Party) guerrillas on the Turkish-Iraqi border…Romanticizing them could hardly go further: in rugged landscapes, we see fresh-faced young men and women in gray-green fatigues either in pensive, poetic mood or happily singing revolutionary songs….How many times in the twentieth century did we see the same photographic essays about noble guerrilla movements…”   Fashionable Guerrillas. For the Left, noble revolutionaries are always in style By Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal “…In the brief commentary that accompanied the pictures, not a single word appeared about the PKK's history of hard-line Marxism or its alliance with the Shining Path, the monstrous Peruvian guerrilla movement of the Pol Pot tendency. Nor was there a word about the 30,000 people who have died as a result of its insurgency. All we get are the words of “a female fighter.” “We don't want a utopia,” she said. “Like all people around the world, we simply want the right to enjoy our culture and use our language…”

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